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Our Story

We live in a different world to our parents. It’s so hard for our generation to build wealth and get ahead. Houses used to cost two to three times annual incomes, they now cost eight to nine times annual incomes in most cities.

Our parents probably had just one career ladder, while our friends have already had three careers by the time they’re thirty. It’s so hard to build wealth in our careers when it’s so hard to build our career capital.

We’re building Spaceship to help you with your financial capital so you can focus on your human capital. We got started in Jan-17 and have already become the fastest growing FinTech startup in Australia.

Values Matter

Technology enables

Our generation has seen technology immerse itself throughout society. We believe technology has been the key differentiator and enabler for the economy over the last three decades.

Thirty years from now

Most people have no idea how much capital they need to retire at sixty-five years old. And yet we’re working each year to put aside something to get there. We should know more about what there is.

Individuals working together

Individual wealth creation is best enabled by great individuals working together. Our mission is to empower this new generation to take greater ownership of their financial future.

Probably the best team in the Australian startup ecosystem.
- Mike Cannon-Bookes, Atlassian

We’re backed by some of the world’s most incredible investors:

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