Our generation has seen technology immerse itself throughout society, but not your super. In our lifetime we have seen the five most valuable companies worldwide become technology companies. Locally founded Atlassian1 is now more valuable than Qantas.

Technology is important to us. We use Snapchat every hour, Netflix every night, Uber every weekend, and Airbnb every holiday. And yet, we haven’t seen technology spread through our super portfolios.

If I took 9.5% of your income each week, wouldn’t you want to know where it was going? That’s your super, your most important financial asset, not that house you’ll struggle to afford.

But ask most people our age where their super is, they have no idea. That needs to change. We should know where our money is.

We believe technology has been the key differentiator and enabler for businesses over the last three decades. We believe technology companies change the world.

Microsoft put a computer on every desk, Facebook connected the world, and Uber reinvented transportation.

In our minds, the fundamental measure of success is shareholder value over the long-term. This value is a direct result of a company’s ability to extend and solidify their current market position. Our super will be invested for 20-40 years and our decisions will consistently reflect this ethos.

This is why we started Spaceship, a diversified super portfolio with technology at its core.

We’d love for you to join Spaceship.

Kind regards,


Paul Bennetts
CEO & Co-founder

1 Atlassian is an enterprise software company, founded in Sydney, Australia in 2002, that
develops products for software developers, project managers, and content management.
Atlassian serves over 60,000 customers globally, and is now listed on the NASDAQ (valued at over US$5bn).



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Address: Level 5, 155 Clarence Street, Sydney NSW 2000
Postal Address: PO Box 3528, Tingalpa DC Qld 4173
Email: help@spaceship.com.au


Fund Information

ABN 34 300 938 877
Unique Super Identifier (USI) 34300938877005
RSE Registration Number R1004953
Trustee Tidswell Financial Services Ltd.
Administrator DDH Graham Limited
Fund Promoter Spaceship Financial Services Pty Ltd


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