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Spaceship is headquartered in Sydney. The company has received $1.6 million in funding to date; investors include Atlasssian co-founder Mike Cannon-Brookes, Vinomofo co-founder Andre Eikmeier, Aconex chief executive Leigh Jasper and young rich lister Simon Clausen.


We had experience first-hand with the lack of transparency in traditional super funds. On almost every front, technology was becoming more of the driving force in the economy. Super funds, however, remained heavily invested in clunky legacy businesses. It seemed clear that there should be a technology focused, diversified super fund.


Spaceship invests your super and we want you to know what companies you own with your super. Our generation are being priced out of the housing market, making our super all the more important. For many in our generation, super will be our biggest investment. You should know where your money is.


We believe in the power of technology. Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Apple are all among the most valuable companies in the world. They generated over $90bn of profit between them in 2015. Locally, Atlasssian is now bigger than Qantas. Our world has changed, yet most super funds continue to invest heavily in the big four banks and mining stocks.